Normal equipment doesn't fare well in extreme environments. This extends to the hydraulic hose in your machinery should you use it in the heat or cold. Each exposure decreases the lifespan and effectiveness of your hose if it isn't rated for that environment. But what factors constitute an extreme environment?

Hydraulic machinery is expensive. Take care of it by ensuring that no contaminants enter the system through dirty hydraulic hoses. Here's how Cross Company uses Ultra Clean methods to give you the best quality hydraulic hose.

One of our most frequently asked questions is "How long will my hydraulic hose last?" Unfortunately, this is a difficult question to answer and it frequently depends on how the hose is installed and used. Let's walk through it.

When you need a Hose & Fitting solution, time is money. Your local Cross Company Parker Store has what you need, when you need, exactly how you need it.

Manufacturing is being transformed. SensoNODE Blue and Scout Mobile is a simple and easy approach to the Industrial Internet of Things. Don't waste time waiting for something to break.